Clean Your PC By Removing Unwanted Files

Clean PC

It’s pretty commonly known that the average computer keyboard is home to more bacteria than a toilet seat.
Where does all this grime come from? We often like to snack while working or surfing the Internet, and all those cookie crumbs can add up!
We all notice it when we sneeze on our computer monitor. A more insidious, unseen threat is the amount of house dust that can build up on the inside of your computer.
House dust can actually affect the performance of your computer or laptop, slowing things down or even causing a crash.

Here are some PC and laptop cleaning tips.

PC and Laptop Cleaning Supplies

To clean your computer or laptop, you’ll need:

Canned air is sold at any computer or home electronics store. It’s not cheap, but believe it or not canned air will help you improve your computer’s performance.
Canned air should be applied in short, gentle puffs. If you try longer blasts you will notice the can becomes quite cold and the air pressure will fall dramatically.

Cleaning Your Keyboard

To get rid of crumbs and dust, you’ll need to clean your keyboard. First, unplug your keyboard from your computer. If you have a laptop, power it down.
Gently turn the keyboard or laptop upside down in a suitable location, and use canned air between the keys to get rid of crumbs.
Spray some Windex on cotton swabs or Q-Tips to wipe any grime from between the keys. You can gently polish the keys with Windex and a soft cotton cloth.

How to Clean Your Monitor

Once again, make sure your computer monitor or laptop is powered down before proceeding. This will prevent short circuits.
Spray some Windex on a soft cloth (instead of spraying Windex directly on the monitor) and remove spots and stains.

How to Clean Dust From Inside Your Computer or Laptop

House dust can actually affect your computer’s performance. This is because a cool computer runs faster than a hot one. House dust can coat your computer’s cooling fan, which means heat remains trapped inside.

In fact, if your computer is crashing whenever you try to play online video or video games, it could be because of dust buildup.
If your computer’s cooling fan is noisy, it might also be because of dust.

Use canned air to blast the dust out of your computer or laptop. With tower computers, you can access the fan from the back of the computer.
With laptops, the easiest way to clean the cooling fan is to open the CD or DVD tray, and blast towards the fan.

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