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Shred files and photos

This feature is only available in PC Cleaner Platinum.

Increase your security by shredding important information you do not want anybody to recover from your computer. Shredding files, photos and other items is a process of overwriting the information in the files a certain number of times. The number of times the data is overwritten the harder it is for software recovery programs to retrieve the information.

Warning! Once you shred a file it will not be possible to recover it. Only shred files after you are 100% sure that you will not need them again.

Shred Menu

On the shred menu you have the following options:

Add file – select a file from your computer that you would like to shred.

Remove file – remove a file from the list which you have previously selected but now no longer wish to shred

Clear all – remove all selected files from the shredding list

Recycle bin – add all the files from your recycle bin to the shredding list

Shred – once you have selected the files you wish to destroy click Shred

Shred Level – Three levels of shredding are available with either 1 overwrite, 5 overwrites or 35 overwrites. 1 overwrite is usually sufficient to make a file unrecoverable. Only use 5 or 35 overwrites in extreme cases where you need to be absolutely certain a file will not be recoverable even with the most sophisticated data recovery programs.