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    Our product family helps you easily maintain, secure, and speed up your PC. Our solutions can help you recover data and photos, fix errors, remove unwanted programs, and help you find missing drivers. /pc-cleaner/es/

    PC Cleaner

    PC Cleaner

    The perfect remedy for a slow computer or frequent crashes, our PC Cleaner software is a handy utility that finds and cleans out unnecessary clutter — file fragments, temporary files, and browser cookies — leaving your PC spotless. PC Cleaner manages your system’s resources to give you better startup times, improved performance, and a safer online and offline experience.

    Hardware Helper

    Driver Updater

    PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is a driver update software and peripheral management utility that makes adding, removing, and maintaining your computer’s internal and external peripherals a breeze. Driver Updater’s device identification engine and patented Smart Update™ Software Locator ensures that your devices have the latest drivers and are functioning at optimal efficiency.

    Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Data loss, even on a home computer, can represent thousands of hours of lost work along with the frustration of losing important files. Our data recovery software allows you to recover deleted files from your computer (Mac and Windows) and almost any device attached to it— including USB drives and some mobile devices. With Data Recovery, your data is in safe hands.

    Photo Recovery

    Photo Recovery for Windows & OSX

    Photo Recovery ensures that your digital memories are available to you when it seems all is lost. We understand that photographs are among the most valuable of your files. In the event of accidental deletion or corruption, our photo recovery software can restore precious memories to their original location on your disk. PC HelpSoft has developed this utility for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Enhanced Uninstaller

    Enhanced Uninstaller

    Enhanced Uninstaller safely removes all traces of unwanted programs with just one click. Ensure all traces of uninstalled software are removed with this handy utility.


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    Our Approach

    Have you ever felt as though “tossing it out the window” would be the best thing to do with your computer after a particularly hard day where nothing seems to function properly? We at PC HelpSoft aim to clear up your computer problems with our lineup of PC utility software and recovery products. Our software is designed for users of any computer knowledge level so if you’re facing problems such as a slow PC, inadvertent deletion, or hardware installation issues, you’re in the right place.

    PC HelpSoft was established as a PC utilities software company that works with top software developers to bring you a world of computer Zen—a place of peace from undesirable errors, online security problems and data loss. For years, PC HelpSoft has helped users optimize and ensure the safety and efficiency of their computers through its suite of innovative driver update, data recovery, and PC cleaning software.

    If you use a computer, whether it is a desktop or laptop, you have probably experienced problems that range from slow performing devices and peripherals that require troubleshooting to accidental deleted data, files and images. PC HelpSoft offers a wide range of utilities that empower new and experienced users with cutting edge software in the areas of hardware installation, PC maintenance, data recovery, disk optimization and system monitoring.