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Uninstall programs and toolbars

This feature is only available in PC Cleaner Platinum.

Most software programs leave behind leftover files and registry entries after they uninstall. These unnecessary items serve no purpose but they take up valuable disk space and can slow down your computer. Use PC Cleaner Platinum to completely remove unwanted software programs, toolbars and leftover items.

Uninstall Menu

All the software programs currently installed on your computer will be displayed on this screen. Simply select the program you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.

Other options on this page include:

Search Box – If you know the name of the software product you are looking for just type it into the search box otherwise select a program from the display window.

Refresh – Checks for any updates to your system and refreshes the list of installed programs.

View – To change the way installed programs are displayed click on the down arrow and select icons, list or details.

Show Windows Updates – Check this box if you wish to have all the Windows updates included in your list of installed programs.