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Windows Tools

PC Cleaner provides shortcuts to the following popular Windows optimization tools:

System Information – This is where you will find information about your computer’s hardware, software, manufacturer, operating system and much more.

Network Connections – Use this shortcut if you are experiencing problems with any of your network connections.

Power Options – Use this link to view or change your current power plan settings.

Automatic Updates – For optimal security we recommend setting up your PC to automatically install Windows updates. Use this shortcut to check the status of Windows updates on your PC.

Devices and Printers – Use this link to add, remove and manage the devices and printers attached to your PC.

Control Panel – An important Windows menu which provides access to all of your computer settings menus.

System Restore – Restore your system to a previous date to undo recent updates, driver or software installations or other recent changes you think might be causing problems on your PC.

Disk Defrag – Check drives on or connected to your computer to see if they need to be optimized.