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Startup Manager

Manage Startup Menu shows the programs that are currently loaded by your PC when Windows starts. The more programs that are automatically loaded at startup the slower your statup time will be. Removing programs from your startup menu can dramatically improve your computer startup time.

A lot of programs automatically insert themselves into your startup menu. Our recommendations and program descriptions will help you decide which programs you should keep active in startup and which programs you can safely remove.

To remove a program from startup:

You have two options for removing programs from startup.

  • Select a program and choose the status “Inactive in startup”. Choose this option if you’re uncertain about removing a program. The program will no longer start automatically at startup but it has not been permanently deleted. This program will still appear on your list of startup programs but the status will be “Inactive”.
  • Select a program and choose the status “Delete from startup”. Choose this option if you are certain you do not need this program in startup. Once you delete a program it will no longer appear in your list of startup programs and you will not be able to restore it to your startup menu.

To restore an inactive program to startup:

If you changed a program status from “Active in startup” to “Inactive in startup” and later miss having the program launch automatically at startup you can restore it.

  • Select the inactive program you wish to restore
  • Under “Change Status” select “Active in Startup”. The program will now start automatically again at startup.

This program will be marked “Active” in the status column.