Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Support

1. Software shows the preview of photos of small sizes. How to recover full size image?

Small sized images are thumbnails of the original. The originals may be severely corrupted that’s why the software is showing the thumbnails.

2. I am clicking on recover button however it is not recovering anything.

There is a possibility that no files have been selected for recovery. Be sure to select the files and folders and then click on recover button to start the saving process.

3. Can I pause the scanning and resume it later on?

Unfortunately you cannot pause the scanning process. However, after completing the scanning process you may save the results. The application also allows you to save the scan information and then resume the recovery process later using the resume recovery option in the application.(Note: This will recover the data which has been scanned till that stage, The software cannot resume the scanning however can resume the recovery process)

This can also be helpful if you want to save the scanning results of demo version and don’t want to rescan the media after purchase of the product.

4. SD Card is not getting detected by the software.

Connect the SD Card to the computer by using a card reader instead of connecting it via camera/mobile phone.

5. Can I recover data from iPhone or internal memory of phone?

Unforgettably the software does not recover data from the iPhone. It can recover data out a phone’s internal memory only in case if internal memory gets detected as a drive letter under my computer and Disk Management(Windows) or in Disk Utility (Mac).

6. Can I recover only some of the files? I don’t want to recover all of them.

You may select the files and folders individually by clicking on the checkboxes provided before the files and folders. You can save the results so that they need not to rescan media again if required.

7. I have saved the scanning information after completing the scanning process, but I can’t open the scanned information file in the software.

You may have saved the results with an older version of the photo recovery software and are trying to import the file in a newer/different version of the photo recovery. In this case you would need to rescan again with the latest version to recover data.

8. I recently purchased the software and put in the activation codes, it says it’s invalid.

There might be a version mismatch between the purchased license and software installed. Please re-download and re-activate the software with the purchased version.

9. I recovered my video files but they would not open.

Please check whether these video files were available with partial preview in application or not. If partial preview is not available than the files will not open after process is complete. The video files can also be fragmented (due to large size) and hence will not run correctly after saving.

10. The drive I want to recover data is large in size and takes time to scan. I want to recover only JPEG files.

Please perform an Advance scan on the drive by selecting only JPEG extension and unselecting all other file types in all categories.

11. I did the scan and am trying to save these file but your software won’t let me save them.

The software doesn’t allow saving the recovered files in the source media in order to prevent overwritten activity. Please save the files in a different volume from source any other external media.

12.  I have connected my Phone to the computer but it does not show up in your software.

If the phone has an internal memory then it does not come up as a removable media on the computer hence does not show up in our software. So, recovery from internal memories is not possible.

If your phone has an SD card and you want to recover files from it then we recommend you to connect the memory card using a memory card reader.

We do not support recovery from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

13. I performed a scan on my drive and saved the scan information. Now after a day I have an external media to save the data to but the saved scan info shows no preview. When I save all these files nothing is present in the destination after save process.

There might be two scenarios:

  1. The drive whose scan information was saved needs to be connected to perform the recovery.
  2. The drive might have been disconnected after the scan was complete and then the information was saved. The drive needs to be connected while saving the scan information.

14. The pictures I recovered are very small in size. How can we enhance them to the original resolution?

The application will recover the data exactly as shown in preview after scanning is complete.

Please check if data is recovered as per preview or not.

15. The scan is complete but the “Recover” button is greyed.

It seems that no file/folder has been selected from the scan results to save. Please check mark the files/folders you want to recover and the button goes active.

16. Recovery Issue: Preview available in demo version but not in full version.

You may have disconnected the phone/card/drive after the scanning was completed and before saving process started. We suggest you not to disconnect the card/phone/drive until you have saved the recovered files from the software.

17. Audio/Video files are not usable after recovery.

Check whether partial preview is available in the software or not. If partial preview is not available, files are larger in size and recovered files are not opening then they are fragmented and cannot be recovered.

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