Enhanced Uninstaller Support

What operating systems is Enhanced Uninstaller compatible with?
Enhanced Uninstaller is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows 98.
Why do I need an Uninstaller?
Some software programs can leave behind left over files and registry entries after being removed from your comptuer. These left over items are no longer needed and take up disk space, slowing down your computer.
Enhanced Uninstaller will remove all of these unwanted files and registry entries which allows for a faster, healthier computer.
Does Enhanced Uninstaller have any other important features?
In addition to completely removing unwanted software, Enhanced Uninstaller performs 3 additional functions.
Manage Start Up Menu
Enhanced Uninstaller allows you to controll which programs are automatically launced at start up. Reducing the number of programs being launched can dramatically speed up your start up time when you turn on your computer.
Protect Your Privacy
Enhanced Uninstaller cleans up temporary files, cookies and other unnecessary items that could be potenial privacy risks.
Monitor New Software Installations
Enhanced Uninstaller’s “Install Guard” feature notifies you when new programs are installed on your computer. Install Guard will track all changes to your computer from initial installation to ensure that if the program is no longer needed it can be fully removed.

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