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Why Choose PC Cleaner?

The speed and efficiency of working on a brand new PC or laptop is great, the start-up process works with what seems to be lightening speed, programs and action requests are almost instant, and installing new programs is a breeze. After a while though, these same function start to slow down and you find yourself waiting for what used to be simple action requests – a frustrating endeavour and a waste of precious time!

There are several reasons why your computer is not as efficient as it used to be but there is one solution that can solve all those issues; one that doesn’t require you to be a software guru. The answer is simply – PC Cleaner. The genius of this application is that it knows exactly what is slowing down the performance of your laptop or PC and it knows where to find each problem and how to fix it.

Clean Out Residual File Bloat with PC Cleaner

One of the things that affect your Windows® laptop or PC’s performance is that it eventually gets bogged down with what is known as temporary file bloat. These are left over bits of data from previously installed programs, unused device connections and more. This causes your storage capacity to fill up with data that you don’t need. PC cleaner will find all those useless files and safely remove them for you, freeing up valuable storage space.

Clean and Repair Windows® Registry

The registry may be the most critical part of your computer as it is what stores all the programs and settings that allow its continued smooth operation. Unfortunately, it also hangs on to unnecessary entries or files that cause your computer to slow down over time. Besides slowing down performance, not cleaning and repairing the registry can cause your PC or laptop to crash and can prevent it working completely.

PC Cleaner Corrects Shared DLL File Problems

DLL files (Dynamic-link Library) share things like codes and other resources and are actually designed to enhance the performance of a number of tasks working within a Windows® environment. But DLL file errors can occur for a number of reasons all of which can cause considerable problems with the operation of your computer and installation of programs. Some of the reasons for these errors include:

  • Incorrect deletion of a program folder
  • Infected DLL file by a Trojan or virus
  • Installation conflict with a new program

These and other issues can cause DLL errors to show up – PC Cleaner will safely correct these and other DLL file problems.

Over time, the Windows® start up and shut-down process can also slow down because every program that you have installed is vying for a spot on your start-up menu. PC Cleaner lets you choose which applications you want automatically loaded. Don’t let, often well hidden, tracking files get hold of your personal information. PC Cleaner will also remove redundant temporary files and internet cookies that can compromise your privacy.

PC Cleaner is your one-stop application that will considerably enhance the performance of your PC or laptop. Keeping your Windows® operating system running like new is easy with PC Cleaner.

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