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Find out what ails your PC in 3 minutes or less!

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Find out what ails your PC in 3 minutes or less

PC Cleaner Takes the Guess-work Out of Optimizing Your PC

PC Cleaner is the right tool to easily restore your computer to the way it was when it was new. Automatically speed up your pc, run junk files and disk cleanup, free up disk space, ensure faster load times and improve overall system stability with PC Cleaner.

PC Cleaner

Are you wondering how to speed up or clean your PC?

A slow computer could be struggling with outdated systems, hidden problems or cluttered with too many junk files. Downloading PC Cleaner is the right answer to make your computer faster and cleaner.

PC Cleaner is the best computer clean up tool designed to speed up computers, free up disk space, resolve invisible problems and perform safe disk cleanup to enhance overall performance.

Unlike other computer cleaner programs, you don’t have to register your credit card information to download PC Cleaner and run a complete computer clean up!

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Delete unnecessary files from your PC and recover valuable disk space

Clean Out Junk Files & Free Up Valuable Disk Space

Searches your hard drive for junk files and permanently removes them; freeing up memory for your computer to run more efficiently.

Optimize Windows® startup and shutdown time

Boost Windows® Startup & Shutdown Times

Allows you to easily manage the programs that launch when Windows® first starts; ensuring faster load time and improving overall system stability.

Protect your confidential information

Clean Privacy Files

Scans your computer and deletes temporary privacy and internet files.

Repair invalid links

Repair Invalid File Associations

Ensures your files open with the properly associated programs.

Optimize Windows® settings

Custom-Tune Your Windows® Settings

Guides you on the best System, Internet, and Security settings for your computer.

Repair Windows® Registry Errors

Fix Windows® Registry Corruption

Automatically scans the Windows® registry and corrects invalid entries and errors.

How to Get Started

It's simple! Follow the steps below and within minutes your computer will be back to its top form:

  1. Click on the "Start Download" button below
  2. Select Open or Run to install PC Cleaner
  3. Click on Start Scan button to start - that's it!

If you’re looking for the best Ccleaner® download alternative, you have come to the right place! With PC Cleaner enjoy a fast, secure and seamless PC optimization experience.

PC Cleaner not only fixes your PC problems and boosts its performance, it is also one of the most cost-effective solutions. Ccleaner® users can discover PC Cleaner free of charge with no hidden costs or fees!

Download PC Cleaner here and discover it today for free!

Are you planning to purchase or already using Ccleaner®? Here is what PC Cleaner can offer:

  • Boost PC performance
  • Repair Windows Errors
  • Free up valuable hard disk space
  • Speed up your PC and improve its security
  • Protect your online and offline privacy

Download PC Cleaner here and discover it today for free!

Are you about to start a Ccleaner® download? Here is your chance to test PC Cleaner, an all-in-one utility program to clean, optimize, protect and repair Windows computers.

The PC Cleaner software is intuitive and easy to use. A perfect tool for novice computer users and experienced users alike.

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Click on to install PC Cleaner