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Is your Windows® PC or laptop running considerably slower now than it used to?

Do you remember how efficient your Windows® laptop or PC was when you first started using it? It took no time at all at start-up or when you needed to find and open large files, or install new programs, but lately these and other functions seem to be somewhat sluggish. It’s not just your imagination and there is a good reason for things slowing down. Over time things like temporary bloat files, previous program installations, unused device connections and more can bog down even the newest version of your Windows® operating system.

PC Cleaner is designed to take care of precisely these problems and dramatically enhance the performance of Windows®. One critical operation that PC Cleaner does is clean out the residual file bloat. This occurs every time you use an application like Office; it creates excess data that is actually pointless and eventually causes files to get ‘bloated’ with what we refer to as ‘junk’ data. Over time these files just get bigger and bigger with data that you don’t need, slowing everything down.

With PC Cleaner you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to locate all those hidden and useless files and history cookies that Windows® has tucked away somewhere. This application is designed to know exactly where to look, find and then clean them safely with no damage to your PC’s critical file systems.

PC Cleaner will also remove all those extra items that you don’t need during start-up. If you think of all the programs you have installed since you first got your computer, it’s a pretty good bet that you don’t need every single one of them attached to the start-up process, yet they all vie for that start-up position which just slows things down even more. Both start-up and shut-down can be significantly optimized by simply removing even a few of these applications that want to start up each time you turn on your computer. PC Cleaner lets you choose which applications you want to automatically load during the start-up routine.

Privacy has become an increasing concern for anyone who uses a computer. Many temporary and internet cookie files are used by unscrupulous websites to track your online activity. These types of files can expose your online activity and behaviour making you vulnerable to unwanted sites. PC Cleaner will remove these tracking files safely to help protect your privacy.

PC Cleaner is industry recognized and is a multi-functioning application that will optimize your computer’s performance. It understands where to look and what to look for to clean and enhance your computer safely and bring it back to the level of efficiency you once enjoyed.

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