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How to update your drivers in Windows®

Hardware devices need special programs called "drivers" to communicate with your computer and work correctly.

If you have ever tried to add a new mouse, printer or other hardware to your computer, you will know that finding the right driver to make the device work can be time-consuming. It is difficult and sometimes very frustrating tracking down the correct driver for a single device, not to mention the often dozens of hardware devices connected to your computer.

PC HelpSoft Driver Updater solves these problems by easily and quickly finding and installing drivers:

Every device needs a special software called a driver to communicate with your computer. Devices that usually need drivers include:

  • Video Cards
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Network Cards
  • Audio and Sound Cards
  • Digital Cameras
  • Keyboard, Mouse and many more.

PC HelpSoft Driver Updater scans a database of more than 1,000,000 devices in real time to find the exact software update for your PC devices.

Drivers are special software that your computer needs to make devices such as webcams, printers, and your mouse work correctly. When updating or reinstalling Windows, hardware drivers often also need updating. This is a tedious and risky process that PC HelpSoft Driver Updater can help you to manage easily, by downloading official drivers.

Why should I update my drivers?

Outdated drivers can cause crashes, slowdowns and other problems that affect your productivity and enjoyment when using your computer. For example, defective drivers can prevent Windows from shutting down correctly. Obsolete drivers can even cause your computer to start up more slowly.

A driver update can speed up your computer’s performance. However, it can be risky to try to update all the drivers yourself. Tracking down all the latest updates on the web is often very tedious.

Outdated drivers can cause all sorts of problems that can make your computer unusable: Crashes, Freezes, Errors

How to solve driver problems on your Windows® PC

Sound cards, motherboards, modems, video cards, monitors, mice, keyboards, digital cameras and many other devices all need drivers in order to work properly with your computer. Monitor and video card display problems are the most common and also the most frustrating issues following a Windows® update.

If you experience device problems, one of the first things you should do is download the latest driver, uninstall the current driver, then install the new driver that you have downloaded.

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