What Is Heartbleed?


Internet users worldwide have recently become concerned with the “Heartbleed” bug, one of the largest security threats that the modern web has ever seen, and for good reason. It’s a pretty serious matter.


The bug was found to penetrate the layers of security on websites that use the OpenSSL security structure. Essentially, every time that your computer communicates or sends a signal to that website’s server, the data goes through a security exchange that encodes the information transmitted so that only you and the intended recipient can understand what is being said. Heartbleed attacks this encryption and causes it to fail, leaving all communication open to outside parties. Worst of all, the bug has been circling the web undetected since December 2011, making it easy for hackers to potentially access and intercept personal information.


HeartbleedBut there is some good news! At PC HelpSoft, we take your privacy very seriously and want to ensure that you feel safe when interacting with us online. That’s why we’ve undergone testing to guarantee that our website is unaffected by Heartbleed, and that your experience with us remains protected and secure. During these tests, our technical specialists determined that “our server was not vulnerable”, meaning that you can continue your visit without worrying about any online issues.


How To Fight It


There’s no denying that this bug is significantly dangerous and we’ve all been affected by it in one way or another. That’s why we want to help you figure out what steps to take if you find out that your favorite websites have been hit by Heartbleed. It’s important to note that while no one can repair the damage that has already been done, we can plan ahead and make sure that our personal information stays personal.


The easiest way to do this is by determining which websites have been affected, finding out if the company has released a patch to stop the spread of the bug, and to change your password for that site. We recommend using a unique password for every account on every site that you visit to make your data more powerful against potential attacks. Tech experts at Mashable have also put together a comprehensive list of all known websites affected by Heartbleed, as well as their current state of security regarding patch fixes and updates. This list is refreshed every time new information is found, so it’s best to check back regularly.


We hope that this helps you feel a little more prepared in the wake of Heartbleed’s discovery, and want to mention once again that your experience with PC HelpSoft remains unaffected by this bug.


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