What An Upgrade To Windows 8 Means To You

Is Windows 8 right for you?

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You’ve probably heard of Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Microsoft Windows 8 and we at PC HelpSoft wanted to put together a quick summary of what you should look out for if you’re considering upgrading to Windows 8!

The Windows 8 ecosystem

The first thing you should know is that Windows 8 is more than just a single computer operating system, you can think of it more as an ecosystem encompassing many different devices. Windows 8 will be used on tablets (the Microsoft Surface Tablet), cell phones (made most notably by Samsung, HTC, and Nokia) as well as laptops. If you’re looking to invest in a new Windows Phone or Tablet, then upgrading your PC to Windows 8 will be a great step towards enhancing the compatibility of your devices.

Designed with touch Screen devices in mind

The second thing you should know, is that the Windows 8 operating system was created with touch-screen capabilities in mind. If you’re interested in buying a notebook, laptop, tablet, or phone that has a touch screen then Windows 8 may be the operating system for you. It was designed to be best used on touch devices and its functionality is greatly improved on touch screens. You’ll find that if you don’t currently have a touch screen device that, while Windows 8 will work fine, you won’t be getting the most out of all its new features. In this case, you may be better off sticking with Windows 7 or earlier operating systems.

Application Compatibility

The third thing that you should realize is that soon enough, the use of Windows 8 along with touch devices will be wide spread. Remember the jump from Windows 98 to Windows XP? Many people were unsure of this big step however once they got used to it, the new system was a huge success. Microsoft already has over 100,000 apps designed and developed for Windows 8 and many more are on the way. Soon enough, all your favourite programs and devices will be Windows 8 compatible and you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

Windows 8 Drastic New Look

The fourth and final piece of information we would like to pass your way is to not be scared! If you’ve seen screen shots of Windows 8 then you know that it looks drastically different from Microsoft’s previous operating systems and that may worry you. Keep in mind though, that Microsoft designed this platform with user experience in mind making it a surprisingly easy system to navigate through and learn. Many of your favourite programs are likely already Windows 8 compatible including two of our most popular products: Hardware Helper and Windows Data Recovery 5. Upon your initial start up, Microsoft even includes tutorials to teach you the basics and send you on the right path.

Windows 8 Release Preview



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