What Is Defragging?


‘Defragging” or defragmenting your computer is a process you’ve likely heard of but probably have no idea what it means. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, we’ve decided to create a quick and simple guide on what defragmenting is and why you should do it!

How does my computer become fragmented?

When you add a new program to your computer, it is stored in a slot of space on your hard drive; at this point, the program has not been fragmented. When you add more and more programs to your hard drive and uninstall others, eventually the hard drive reaches a point where it is unable to hold a large program in one slot of memory as there is no space to load the entire program in one piece. There are gaps in your hard drive space resulting from the programs you uninstalled, but none is big enough to accommodate the new program. As a result, this new program is fragmented and spread between the extra spaces you have left over.

What results from fragmentation?

As you can imagine, with the vast quantity of programs we download and then uninstall, over time the programs in the hard drive become split all over into smaller and smaller pieces. When your computer has to search for these fragments to put them together and open a program, the result is longer loading times and a slower computer. For example, a program that has been fragmented into five pieces may take twice as long to load as one where the pieces are all together!

What can I do?

The best way to improve loading times and return your hard drive to its previous speed is to use a defragmenting program! This program will move the data on your hard drive around, then re-write your programs into single, complete pieces on the hard drive.


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