Are You Worried About Your Personal Privacy?

Privacy ProtectionPrivacy is something to be cherished, guarded and protected. You can’t get through a day in this technology-driven world without hearing about, reading about or wondering about privacy. Everything has a privacy policy. From social media accounts and online banking, to apps that track your fitness and beyond, every single one of these intrusive devices has a privacy policy that you must accept and observe with vigilance.


But who writes your privacy policy? How do you protect your privacy when you are online? Do you clear your search history so others can’t see the sites you’ve recently visited? Do you regularly delete your browser’s cookies? Did you know these cookies store and collect personal information about you, like which websites you’ve visited, what you did during that visit, and what personal information you shared? Ever wonder how those very targeted ads pop up on your social media sites?


It’s because there are cookies on your computer that are reporting back to “headquarters”, telling them exactly where you’ve been online and what you have looked at during each session.

A Simply Safe Solution

If you have yet to think about how to protect yourself from this infringement on your privacy, now is the time to enlist WinGuard Privacy Protector to help safeguard your computing environment. Let WinGuard be your personal privacy police, putting in the overtime to keep your private information secure. An easy to install application, it lets you schedule regular scans of your computer to make sure all the potential security risks are deleted, removed and erased.

Fast Track Your Security Measures

Manually searching for these rogue files would take hours, but with WinGuard the process is automatic. Depending on how you configure your version of the software, it will automatically delete your social network history, search history and erase your internet chats. WinGuard will also remove cookies that may be tracking your online habits and provides a “shred” function so that your high security documents cannot be recovered by prying eyes.